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Tier / Length 1000-DESKTOP 1000-MOBILE 1000-TABLET
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Tier 3 $10$10$10
Tier 4 $7$7$7
Tier 5 $6$6$6
Tier 6 $5$5$5
Tier 7 $4$4$4
Tier 8 $3$3$3

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Tier 1
Tier 3
United States
Tier 2
Tier 4
United Kingdom, Canada
Tier 5
Germany, Swaziland, Switzerland
Tier 7
Jordan, Vietnam, Algeria, Philippines, Peru, Morocco, Mexico, Sudia Arebia, Thailand, Brazil, Iraq,
Tier 6
Spain, Italy, Portugal, Kuwait, France, Australia, United Arab Emirates,Egypt
Tier 8
Worldwide Deal(All Countries)


Accounts will be BANNED for the following, Downloads from suspicious sources( websites) or without any source, as well as Download IP's are proxy/vpn or making huge number of downloads from high tier deliberately. We may ask for your traffic source. if you fail to submit valid source, we have rights to ban your account without pay. Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed. If we notice any fraudulent activity we have the rights to ban the account. Child Pornography or any copyright material or any adult content or any violent content is Strictly prohibited and will result in termination of your account without pay. We have the right to change Rewards Service at anytime with or without notifications.

Payoneer minimum mithdraw : 50$
Western Union minimum mithdraw: 150$
Paypal minimum mithdraw: 10$
Bitcoin minimum mithdraw: 10$
Payeer minimum mithdraw: 5$
vodafone cash minimum mithdraw: 5$