You must follow the email you add when submitting your site, we will contact you and we will respond to you within 24 hours and we will inform you of everything new and when an error occurs, we will contact you to protect your account.

What ads we offer

Partners. projectagora in exchange for 15% from publisher.

Who provides this service?

We deliver these ads through a company projectagora. -projectagora She is the official Arab agent for Taboola - who create all the ads codes and it is the ones that accept the sites - When you block any website that doesn't deserve to pay for that blocked website - We get the profits and we pay you for 85% if there is a problem with your site and we are not paid for your website profits we do not pay you and we block you through our website


You will be paid two months after you issued the payment - Payment method is net60.

very important

The Boomx5 is entitled to close your account at any time and not pay you the last 60 days if your site violates policies :

Procedures after accepting your site

You should follow up on the email after accepting your site. Ads codes are sent to you, and after the procedures that you implement, we will tell you to improve the possibility of ads to achieve more profit.

Rates and Coverage

We offer the highest prices in the world because they are Google Ads and Taboola and they are the best and highest rated CPM companies for every 1000 ad impressions.


Please be aware when a problem occurs on your site, or you are banned from any advertising platform that does not pay you, and we do not pay you any balance. When you pay Google or any platform, we take this profit and pay you And we only get 15% of your profits. If this platform has blocked your site and is not paying you, then you will not get any balance Last 60 days