You must follow the email you add when submitting your site, we will contact you and we will respond to you within 24 hours and we will inform you of everything new and when an error occurs, we will contact you to protect your account.

What ads we offer

We are brokers among the largest advertising companies in the world. We offer adsense ads, Facebook ads and Taboola ads in exchange for 5% from publisher..

What sites are accepted

We accept any site that has more than 25 thousand visits daily We do not accept adult content.


You will be paid two months after you issued the payment - Payment method is net60.

Procedures after accepting your site

You should follow up on the email after accepting your site. Ads codes are sent to you, and after the procedures that you implement, we will tell you to improve the possibility of ads to achieve more profit.

Rates and Coverage

We offer the highest rates in the world because they are ads Google Adsense and ads Facebook.